Bringing doctors simple, universal, and mobile EMR applications for convenience and portability.

Giving anesthesiologists a faster and easier way to connect.
Realistic technology solutions designed by doctors, for doctors.
Solutions that make the time from chart to billing more accurate and efficient.

Welcome to AgileOR™

We have solutions that give your automated flexibility & convenience to roam with your EMR & AIMS services. It’s a breeze for you to access your practice’s records systems anywhere, every day, and at any location where you work.

EMRs That Document You

Enter complete Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) & Anesthesia Information Management Systems (AIMS) data directly from your iPad™, tablet, or mobile device, and watch as it automatically uploads to your AgileOR account — with full updates & notes, from wherever you perform an anesthesia procedure. Save yourself time & money by avoiding duplicate entries, billing mistakes, or manual status updates for all your "particular" work groups or locations.
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Mobile Access to any AIMS system

Whether on the move at Surgery Centers, Physician’s Offices, or all the way down to the Hospital’s own Operating Room, your on-demand access to your AgileOR account provides you the flexibility and reliability to document complete procedures right at the tip of your fingers. No more outdated, inefficient EMR data entry processes. No more awkward, inadequate workstation solutions. No more multiple, incompatible sets of programs to muddle through.
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About AgileOR™

AgileOR is a privately held company, founded in 2012 in Houston, Texas, focus on developing next-generation EMR & AIMS web based applications.

Our uniquely designed systems are focused on the needs of anesthesiologists, anesthetists, and other medical practitioners.

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Our Featured Product

OpConnex is the next generation in AIMs & EMR solutions.

Connecting the the medical team to the procedure and making the process easier and more inntutive than ever before.

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