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A physicians time is valuable. At AgileOR, we want to enable you to optimize value with systems that add to your bottomline and keep efficiencies at the forefront.

Doctors must spend their valuable, highly skilled time treating patients. However, as the less-efficient flipside to this coin, doctors are also mandated to invest an enormous amount of time addressing the accompanying paperwork which follows each treatment. As result, today’s doctors are confronted with two very urgent “modern world” demands:

  • An accelerating demand to meet the detailed, ever-changing requirements for both government and payer reporting.
  • An increased need to optimize efficiency in their practices to offset any reduced reimbursements for procedures.

EMR solutions product have proved to be cumbersome, enterprise-based, or both. Additionally, they are not tailored to meet the particular needs of doctors in the OR (where the majority of the hospital’s revenues are generated).

We have heard, and are responding to, all the common EMR complaints:

  • Current programs are awkward, with extremely non-intuitive user interfaces.
  • Convoluted program navigation, which complicates simple actions that would only take a second on paper.
  • Outdated software, which cannot update, or upgrade, to comply with continuously changing regulations and documentation requirements.
  • Impractical & inaccessible: Programs that are unavailable from any location outside the OR.
  • Incompatible programs that vary widely from hospital-to-hospital, sometimes based on little more than local preferences.
  • Billing departments that cannot access EMR data from the hospital’s network(s) or remote locations.

AgileOR seeks to revolutionize and reinvent this process.

Our OpConnex product is uniquely and exclusively designed to meet the highly-specific and highly-mobile needs of 21st Century operating room doctors. No more outdated, inefficient EMR data entry processes. No more time sunk into awkward, inadequate workstation solutions. Just a simple, automated, mobile EMR product for both convenience and portability: The OpConnex Solution from AgileOR.

About AgileOR™

AgileOR is a privately held company, founded in 2012 in Houston, Texas, focus on developing next-generation EMR & AIMS web based applications.

Our uniquely designed systems are focused on the needs of anesthesiologists, anesthetists, and other medical practitioners.

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Our Featured Product

OpConnex is the next generation in AIMs & EMR solutions.

Connecting the the medical team to the procedure and making the process easier and more inntutive than ever before.

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