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AgileOR has created a solution platform specifically designed to universally address the IT needs for Anesthesiologists & Anesthetists, allowing them to easily chart cases in a simple, intuitive, and efficient manner.

This platform has begun with OpConnex, a versatile and functional Mobile Web Application developed using technologies focused on collaboration with the insights of multiple leading anesthesiologists and surgeons.

OpConnex is Cloud Based, meaning it can be accessed at any time, from any location that has 3G, Wi-Fi, or LTE access. Simply sign in via your tablet, wireless device, or even your own laptop PC, and you have an instant mobile interface with OR equipment, billing software systems, other AIMS systems, and any other HHS-certified inpatient EMR product. Just one single-solution mobile interface — containing complete & always up-to-date EMR/AIMS software — allowing you to produce deficiency-free records in all venues, transmit complete case data for billing, and properly meets all Compliance & Quality Control Standards.

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About AgileOR™

AgileOR is a privately held company, founded in 2012 in Houston, Texas, focus on developing next-generation EMR & AIMS web based applications.

Our uniquely designed systems are focused on the needs of anesthesiologists, anesthetists, and other medical practitioners.

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Our Featured Product

OpConnex is the next generation in AIMs & EMR solutions.

Connecting the the medical team to the procedure and making the process easier and more inntutive than ever before.

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