Strategic Direction

The AgileOR OpConnex solution will primarily be marketed via direct sales and alternative distribution channels. We are targeting specific segments using proven strategies.

  • Anesthesiology Group Practices: Large and medium sized group practices.
  • In-House Technical Sales Representatives: AgileOR Sales Representatives will be trained to support the sales process, and will be drawn from clinically competent personnel (e.g. CRNAs).
  • Independent Representatives: Intensified sales efforts will additionally occur in specific locales and major metropolitan areas.

Using this strategy, we estimate our Targeted Market Penetration at Five Years to be at 350 Hospitals (approximately 6% of Total U.S. Hospital Market) and 8,245 Anesthesiology Practitioners (approximately 10% of the Total U.S. Market).

Product performance standards and benefits:

  • Mobile platform for anesthesia records.
  • Ready-to-use, containing all elements of recordkeeping and billing.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use for clinicians.
  • Data may be entered manually or interfaced with existing EMRs/ADT, as needed.
  • Electronic version of submitted anesthesia records fully available to the hospital/clinic.
  • Compiles electronic billing data which may be transferred discretely, or generated as a PDF file to billing companies.

About AgileOR™

AgileOR is a privately held company, founded in 2012 in Houston, Texas, focus on developing next-generation EMR & AIMS web based applications.

Our uniquely designed systems are focused on the needs of anesthesiologists, anesthetists, and other medical practitioners.

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Our Featured Product

OpConnex is the next generation in AIMs & EMR solutions.

Connecting the the medical team to the procedure and making the process easier and more inntutive than ever before.

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